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Picture this.

You’ve entered a new market with your new business website and from the day one you instantly know:

– What and how many competitors are out there
– How they promote their products and how do they attract buyers
– How much they actually pay for attracting each of their visitor
– What their advertising messages are exactly and how successfully each of them work
– What place they occupy in the market share
– What sites and pages they use in order to attract their customers

Google Cash Detective bonus packageWould this be great and helpful to say the least?

And unless you have three full-time departments on competitive analysis, market research and competition espionage that have been working for you days and nights for a half a year, it’s hard to uncover such information for sure.
Luckily the internet is an open world of information which is available for everyone to collect, dissect and analyze with the help of proper tools.

To make a long story short, let’s just say that in the world of Google Adwords such tool exists and it’s called Google Cash Detective.

What this tool does is collects information from 2.5 millions of keywords that advertisers are bidding on in Google Adwords on a daily basis into their enormous database. Information this system collects for each keyword is the keyword itself, its match type, number of advertisers bidding on it, their ad copies including display and destination URLs used, ad positions plus information for traffic volume, bid prices from Google etc.

It then allows us to analyze this information over certain period of time, structure it in tables and present incredibly valuable overviews over any ppc market you want.

With this information, you can see, for instance, the exact keyword list for any advertiser or how many advertisers are bidding on any of the keyword, what their ads are, how long did they bid on it, what are their ad positions and so forth.

Having an access to that information is even better than being a supervisor in the Google advertising department, because not only you have an access to the current bids, ads, keywords and landing pages of all current advertisers for any given niche or keyword, but you can actually see how well they perform over a period of time. What exactly the keywords are that they are bidding on, what ads they rotate to test, what average position their ads occupy, approximately how much traffic they get and how much it costs them at the end of the day.

There are several other great competitive analysis services online, but what distinguishes GCD is the unlimited use and the accuracy of data, which GCD collects twice a day on the Internet, so you can be sure to make your ppc decision based on actual and current data, what, in most cases, might mean profit or loss.

The full access to GCD is available as of today for just $1 with a great bonus package. Check this system out by visiting this Google Cash Detective and you won’t regret you did.

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